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About Us

Hello, Thank you for browsing my website, I hope you've found it useful.

I moved to Chatel with my wife and newly born son in 2006 to run a catered ski chalet business in our newly built chalet. The winters are always very busy making sure our guests are having a great ski holiday.
But come summer time I was looking for a pastime, I've been keen climber since I was first introduced to the sport way back in 1995 at the Nottingham Climbing Centre. Moving to mountains I was very keen to climb but it took a few years to find regular climbing partners, so in the mean time I joined the crowd and started mountain biking. It does seem that for the majority of men out here mountain biking is the sport of choice, and I quite enjoyed exploring the mountains on a bike but.... When I finally got the chance to explore the local climbing venues I really surprised to discover the number of awesome crags in the area. Its been great fun discovering all the local crags, and while doing so the idea came to me that I could share all this with other climbers. It seemed a natural extension of the winter business to operate climbing trips the rest of the year. Yours, Adam